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It might be nice in the rebuilding, to recapture a sense of beauty and reverence for life but perhaps doing that might require that beauty is taken seriously. For now, irony and cynicism corrupt the moral integrity of the arts that trade for serious money.

That so many people attended Art Basel to see the hype around the banana taped to the wall, the admin decided to remove it from display, to protect other works, is a clear sign of degeneracy; not to mention the copycats and the "hungry artist" who ate it.

This is a separate but related topic/question related to art history. If culture in the Herder and later Spenglarian sense is, as it seems to have been, the expression of a particular people (blood, soil and time period), do you think globalism allows for meaningful art that's actually recognizably beautiful and skillfully done by an artist making paintings and drawings? We can see that the "joke" is accepted and rewarded by our elite institutions of authority, inspiring no end of similar humor. Do you think, excellence and integrity could do the same?

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I wish we could cut out the tumor. The “joke” is poisoning everything.

NFT’s, New media etc: I’m sorry but I think all digital/virtual arts are lost to AI. It’s the perfect media and landscape for that.

Fiat world: Are you familiar with the book “The Cultural Cold War”? There’s an old video documentary based on it available on YouTube. In short, I agree with you.

When you say “no one is thinking about how to create work that will satisfy their commissioners and outlast their lifetimes.” I think we’re talking about the art that sells for high prices because there are many artists who think about these things.

I want to be more optimistic but I can’t help thinking of Spengler’s thought’s regarding America (which is driving this fiat engine) as nothing more than a bunch of dollar trappers. I may be less strict in defining the globalist agenda than you are but I see fiat currency and globalism as related.

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